We didn't build a brand 
We created a culture

Branding an
independent hotel
The problem Hotel Irvine faced was being an unknown independent hotel competing with well known established brands. Our solution - leverage this perceived weakness and turn it into a strength. We built a lifestyle hotel and created a culture around it. Everything we did was high-touch and unique to this strategy.

We extended beyond the hotel through digital experiences

Video vignettes that defined the lifestyle

Content meets experiential

Nothing says SoCal like hanging out in the backyard. We turned unused grass space into a unique experience with movie nights and highly curated local events.


Treating guests took on a whole other meaning when we created a custom treat trike, rolled it around the property and served up frozen treats.

Physical + Digital

We conceived and created a high-end market mixed with the convenience of a mini-bar through a 24/7 marketplace. We also stocked it with locally sourced products and developed a personal concierge app allowing delivery anywhere in the hotel.

Creating a movement

We wanted to create a culinary destination, not another "hotel bar & restaurant." Through unique programming, highly crafted menu options, and entertainment - EATS Gastropub and Red Bar became the hot spots not only for guests, but for locals in the city.


Top rated hotel among business
travelers in Southern California


Average room occupancy


Guest satisfaction


Increase in room bookings
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