Celebrating 100 years
of real innovation
for real cooks

Celebrating an icon

To celebrate 1oo years of innovations we leveraged the most 
recognized feature of a Thermador kitchen - The Star Burner.
This ignited the campaign and became the brand icon.

Brand Spot

To commemorate being the heart of the American home for 100 years, we created an innovative national spot that reinforced the brand as the star of the kitchen, and celebrated the lifestyle of today's culinary enthusiast.

Engaging the culinary enthusiast

We created 365 days of social content through design contests, culinary giveaways, highly curated recipes, and an emotive video series that celebrated people's fondest food memories.

Strategic Partnerships

To gain greater exposure, we partnered Thermador with best-in-category luxury cooking
brands for 100 days of culinary prizes that drove interest and increased engagement.

Generating content

To bring consumers into the celebration we asked people to tell us their favorite food moments through a video series that emotionally connected the brand to our audience.


To demonstrate how the brand elevates the cooking experience we took the 100 year celebration on tour. We visited culinary events in key markets and created experiences that showcased pop-up kitchens, chef demonstrations and the latest product innovations.


#1 in luxury cooking appliances


Qualified hot
leads generated


Increase in social
media conversations


Of posts expressing positive
 sentiment around the brand

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