Reaching beyond
the big game
Wix.com bought a $4 million dollar ticket to the Super Bowl. The challenge was to leverage the businesses created for the :30 commercial and compete in the highly coveted second screen arena. We had to be relevant, and act in real-time.
Transforming a
:30 second Super Bowl commercial into a
fully integrated, 30 day campaign
We set up a live 24-hour social newsroom with partner social media firm Hearts & Minds, completely integrated with Wix.com's team in Tel Aviv. 

Real-Time Newsroom

We reacted in real-time to daily news and created relevant content through social media and events.

Engaging Content

We leveraged the campaign and created content for fans to share via social media.

Ten Bucks Game

Every time the word "Easy" was said during the game, viewers had 10 seconds to click on their mobile screen to win $10 instantly. This kept viewers thinking about the campaign throughout the game. Even during the commercials from competing brands.




Social, search & SEO campaign
- RKG Merkle Digital Bowl Report

300 Million Users

Total campaign reach


Teaser campaign for
first time advertiser
- TrueReach

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